4 Ways To Wear A Man’s T-Shirt

by Laure&Laurie-

How to rock a men's t-shirt

This weekend while casually strolling through Target ( one of our all time favorite store ), we decided out of curiosity to check out the men’s section. Now this is definitely a first. Usually a regular trip to target would go like this : women clothing section, women shoes section, furniture section .

Yes, in this exact order. So this time we changed things up. We came upon these T-shirts in the men section and decided that we were going to find ways to rock them. After all, our number one tip when is comes to improving your wardrobe is versatility ( learning how to style your clothes various ways ).

Laurie and I strongly believe that anyone can take any piece of clothing and turn it into something great. No, really, you can. It’s amazing the different ways that one piece of clothing can be worn. I think that this is the one thing that we love most about creating different looks…there are barely any rules ( none that we can think of) and the possibilities are endless.

All it takes is stepping out the box and the adventure awaits. Sounds a little bit like life right ? Well, except in life we don’t always step out of the box when we should, and the adventure ? Well, that sort of gets lost somewhere along the way.

We hope that you won’t only step out of the box for fashion and clothes, but you’ll also search for adventure and wander away from the box.

Have you ever shopped from the men’s section ?  If so, what did you buy ?


how to wear a men's t-shirt

Green Side Bag- Thrifted

Booties- Charlotte Russe

Shades- Target

how to wear a men's t-shirt

Knee High Boots- Love Culture

how to wear a men's t-shirt

Flats- Forever 21

how to wear a men's t-shirt

Shirt- Target


Booties- Charlotte Russe

Shades- Target

Hat- Forever 21




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