A Mayvenn Hair Review 2017 | Brazilian Straight

by Laure&Laurie-


After months of wearing wigs, braids and other protective hairstyles we have decided to change it up and get some bundles. Who knew that buying bundles could be that difficult? After watching countless youtube videos and reviews,we stumbled upon Mayvenn Hair on Instagram. Here is our honest review about the hair.

Decisions ,Decisions

Mayvenn Hair offers  a variety of styles to choose from. There is straight, loose wave,body wave, deep wave and curly. There is an option to choose between Brazilian,Indian, Peruvian etc. The Indian and Peruvian are a bit more pricey than the Brazilian.

And of course you have different lengths.  It all depends on you  and which type of hair you feel looks better on you and how much you are willing to spend. Frontals and  closures are also available on the website.

We decided to go with the Brazilian straight. We ordered 2 bundles of 16 in and one bundle of 20 in with 14 in closures in the color 1b.



How To Order Mayvenn Hair

Ordering from  is fairly easy. The website was easy to navigate. One feature that they had was shopping by look. That gives you an idea on the different hairstyles and how to style the hair. If you click on the picture, it tells you the  kind of hair, how many bundles were used, and the price.

The website also have a blog section which gave great tips on things such as how to keep your weave from shedding, bringing curly weave back to life etc. They have some really helpful tips on hair in general.

Another great thing about this company is that you get 20 percent off your Mayvenn hair when you refer a friend. Who doesn’t want to save a couple bucks?

 Fast And Free Shipping

We were so surprised to see how fast  our order shipped after we  put in our order. The hair shipped just a few days after the order and didn’t take more than a week to get delivered to us. That was a big plus. No one wants to wait forever on their bundles when they’re trying to get their  hair done. We know we don’t.

Shipping was also free! Our Brazilian straight Mayvenn Hair arrived in a big white envelope as you see in the picture above.Each bundle was labeled correctly and was in a sac labeled Mayvenn Hair.

Mayvenn Hair Brazilian Straight

Maintaining Mayvenn Hair

When the hair arrived, it was amazingly soft. The hair did not have any strange odor. We personally thing the color natural black 1b  we ordered was a bit light brown than it was black. Keep that in mind when you’re ordering.

You always have the option of dying it if that’s a  huge problem. However, we thought the light brown looked good after getting it installed. So that was not a problem at all.

It’s been several weeks since we have installed the hair. The hair does not tangle  at all with  minimal shedding. We have washed the hair once after going to the beach and getting our hair wet. Tressemme shampoo and conditioner were used during wash. We haven’t used any other products on the hair after that.

After washing and blow drying the hair, it bounced right back to its natural form. That was a relief! The hair curls really nicely and also keeps a curl for weeks. Even after the curls drop, it leaves a really nice wavy pattern.

Overall, we were satisfied  with our purchases. If you are looking to get some amazing  bundles  at a reasonable price, then we would highly recommend ordering from Mayvenn Hair.

And no, lol we are not getting paid to say this. We are just two happy satisfied customers. Hopefully this review will come handy to you guys who are trying to get some bundles.  Happy bundle shopping!









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