Floral Romper + Over the Knee Boots | Summer to Fall

by Laure&Laurie-


Fall is here and clearly I’m excited ! Transitioning from spring to fall doesn’t always require shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Don’t pack away your summer dresses just yet. There are so many ways to transition a summer outfit into fall. Here’s the easiest one of them all in three words….knee-high boots.

Yes, it’s that easy.

After searching forever, I  finally found knee-high boots that fit (barely) my skinny legs…haha anyone with skinny legs will tell you the struggle is real. I got those from love culture awhile back. And the dress is of course from my first love…Target.

Now that you see how easy it is to transition from summer to fall,  I hope that your transition will also be a breeze. Feel free to pair up your summer dresses or rompers with hats and scarves as needed, ohh and happy fall !



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