How To Do a High Puff On Natural Hair

by Laure&Laurie-

high puff on natural hair


Looking to add some more volume to your natural high puff ? Looks like you came to the right place.

Sometimes we just need a little volume, wether you just big chopped or dealing with shrinkage  (which is my case ) , we’ll show you how to add volume to  your hair using just drawstring afro ponytail . Those afro hair puff drawstrings totally get the job done.

This simple and fast high puff on natural hair can be achieved under 10 mins and we’ll show you how.

What you’ll need To Achieve High Puff :

-Spray bottle (to dampen hair )


-Gel and edge control

-hairpuffs drawstring ( pictured below )

how to achieve high puff


To get started, spray hair with water then part and section the hair vertically in two. To smooth your hair down, take a small amount of Ecostyler  gel ( or any gel you prefer)  and apply to hair, after brushing it through, put it up in a ponytail.

Do the same with the other portion of the hair.  Then for each side, add the afro puff drawstrings. Make sure they are secured.

After you have applied the drawstrings to each side, apply  a small amount of edge control around the hairline to smooth down your edges.

Then to lay down your hair and edges, tie your hair with a scarf for about 5 minutes or more.

Untie your hair, and there you have it!

This high puff hairstyle is simple, easy, and very fast to achieve.

Finished Look of high puff

high puff on natural hair

Close Up of high puff





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  1. Kimberly Michelle

    Very cute style!

    07 . 02 . 2018
    • Laure&Laurie

      Thank You !

      07 . 02 . 2018

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