How To Organize A Small Closet and Add Space

by Laure&Laurie-

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We’ve all had those days when we walk in our closet and it looks like a complete war zone. Actually for most of us, our closets look like a war zone every time we need something to wear and have a  special plans to go out later.

One moment we clean it, and the next day it goes right back to looking like a war zone.

Most of us are not fortunate  to own one of those very spacious closets where everything look so dang perfect. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an organize  closet. Having a small closet space does not have to be a curse. This guide will show you how to organize a small closet

Get Rid of Things You do not Need (seriously)donations box

Yes, I know it’s hard but that’s the first step to keeping your small  closet organize. Do not keep things that you barely use and probably will never use.

If you haven’t bothered to wear it for years now, you most likely will  probably never wear it.

It’s taking space,get rid of it. Donate them to someone who’s in need and would put them to good use.

Buy at least Two Baskets For Clean/Dirty Clothes

You do not have to hang all your clothes. Everyday clothes like jeans, nights wear, workout clothes can be folded nicely in a basket. Make sure you have one basket for dirty clothes and one for clean clothes.

Buy baskets that are not going to take a lot of space but can hold a good amount of clothes. Make sure to actually fold the clothes in the baskets and not just throw them in there.

Over the Door Hook

This  over the door hook  or any type of hook is  just amazing. You could literally hang anything on there. From coats, jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry etc.

They are really easy to find and easy to use. All you need is something to hook them to and you’re good to go.

I use mine for jewelry, hats and sunglasses. It really does help keep my stuff organized and not get tangled.

closet organization, closet before and after

Hanging Shelves Shoe Organizer

Although it’s called a  shoe organizer, you can use these hanging shelves just for about anything. Make sure you attach it to something really sturdy so it doesn’t collapse.

I have been using this shoe organizer to hold my clutches and side bags and it has been working  out pretty well. I love how I can fit so much stuff in there. Those hanging shelves come in different sizes and shapes.

hanging closet organization

Drawer Storage Units

If you really want to add more space and organize your closet I believe that you need one of those drawer storage units. I currently have two off them. I store most  of my hair stuff in them. Those drawer storage units are very spacious and help keep me organize.

storage unit drawers to organize a small closet

Coordinating Your Closet by Type and Color

That sounds like a lot of time and work, but just think of how amazing it would be to go to your closet and be able to quickly grab something to wear because you  know  exactly where everything is.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Choose a method that works best for you. You could go by color,  classification, outfits, etc. Just remember to grab a few more hangers.

organize a small closet, closet before and after


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