How To Start A Fashion Blog For Beginners

by Laure&Laurie-

how to start a fashion blog

So You Want To Start A  Fashion Blog

We’ve always had an obsession with clothes and putting them together. The idea of starting a fashion blog came to us one day after a trip from the mall.

After reading and researching blogging tips and advice for beginners, we decided to go for it and start a fashion blog.

If you’ve always wanted  to start a fashion blog or any type of  blog yourself, we say you go for it.

It’s not that complicated and is very cheap to start. We are hoping this post will give you the help you need to start with your blog.

 What You’ll Need To Get Started

1) Domain Name– This is what you’re going to name your website. For example:

Your Domain Name can be purchased at any domain name registrar. We purchased our domain name from

Keep in mind:

  • Pick something that isn’t too long or hard to remember
  • Pick a name that reflects you and your style
  • Do not over think it and keep it simple

Blogging platform There are many platforms out there to use to start a fashion blog. We strongly recommend using WordPress.

Here is why:

  • It’s EASY to use
  • Really simple to set up
  • Variety of plugins available to customize your theme
  • Very secure
  • You own your content
  • You are able to have your own domain name
  • Have access to the coding of your site

Using a free platform  for your fashion blog is ok but will limit you. We’ve been there. When we first started our blog, we started with a free platform and quickly realized how limited we were.

If you  really are serious about starting a fashion blog or any type of blog  and want it to be taken serious and potentially make money, then you definitely NEED hosting. That takes us to the next step.

2)Hosting Plan  – This is where you’re keeping and managing your blog. Our host is Bluehost 

We highly recommend getting your domain name from the same place you are hosting your website. It will definitely make it more simple for you to have everything in the same place.

If we knew, we would have just kept everything with Bluehost especially since you get a FREE blog domain name once you sign up for hosting. 


how to start a fashion blog


So far we have no complaints about Bluehost. Here’s what we like about using Bluehost:

  • It’s Affordable
  • Self-Hosted
  • Really easy to use
  • FREE blog Domain name (you won’t need to buy a domain name somewhere else like we did)
  • Quick WordPress Installation
  • 24/7 support if you need help

Selecting A  Plan- If you’re just starting out , the basic plan will work just fine. This is what we are currently using.

It’s very affordable and work just fine for our blog for now. For as low as 2.95 per month you can get started on your fashion blog.

Click here to start your WordPress blog with Bluehost. 

how to start a fashion blog

3) Choosing a domain name or using an existing domain-  Click on the new domain box and enter the name you want. If your already have an existing domain, click the  right box. 

how to start a fashion blog

If a domain is not available, it’ll give you suggestions of similar names that you can use like this.

After you find a domain name that’s available, then you go to the last step which is creating an account with blue host and paying.

how to start a fashion blog

how to start a fashion blog

4) Installing WordPress on Bluehost– We are almost done here. You just need to install WordPress on Bluehost.

It is very simple to install WordPress on Bluehost. It is literally a one click install.

 Login to your Bluehost cPanel account which should look like this.

hoot start a fashion blogC

Click on the second choice that says Install WordPress.

how to start a fashion blog

5) Choosing A Theme- There are free themes and also themes you can buy.It’s always a good idea to start with a free theme and then eventually shop around for a better theme.

how to start a fashion blog

 Congratulations! You officially have a blog. You are now ready to post your first post.  Told you this was going to be simple. 

Let’s  recap: 

  • Register your domain name
  • Get web hosting
  • Set up WordPress
  • Get A theme

There you go! You’re all set. Happy Blogging!


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