How To Wear A Jumpsuit

by Laure&Laurie-

Outfit details:  Jumpsuit- Forever21, Top- Forever21, Shoes-

A jumpsuit is always a good idea ! Most people do not realize that jumpsuits do not have to be strictly formal. While they can be, however, there are various ways to rock a jumpsuit and still look great !

For this first look, we decided to keep it dressy, but still fun.

The zebra striped top really brings out the jumpsuit. That’s another great way to make use of your tops.  As mentioned in our tips for building a wardrobe, always keep versatility in mind.

Red lips and red shoes for a little sass ( haha maybe more than a little ) and there you have it.

how to wear a jumpsuit

how to wear a jumpsuit

how to wear a jumpsuitOutfit details: Jumpsuit- Forever21, Jacket-Ross, Sneas-Converseker

This second look is totally casual. Throw on a jacket and a pair of sneakers for comfort, run your errands or grab a quick bite with friends. Shoes and a sporty jacket is a great  way to pair a jumpsuit to bring it from dressy to casual.


how to wear a jumpsuit

how to wear a jumpsuit

how to wear a jumpsuit

                                                Outfit Details: Jumpsuit- Forever21, Shoes- Forever21, Bag-DD’s discount store, Blouse-Target

Oh my Chic ! This blouse just screams chic. Definitely wear this if you want to make a statement. This blouse is actually long, but it’s tucked in the jumpsuit, so no one would know. ( Well except for you..hope you can keep a secret :)).

Paired with the black pumps and bag, this outfit is totally gorgeous.

Now that we’ve shared with you the various ways we style our jumpsuit, we hope you too will have a little fun next time you rock yours.


Stay Stylish !

– Laure





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